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our pornographic side

we're a happily married couple.

she: 27, a scholar, and (in some definitions) a feminist. loves bisexual porn, anal, threesomes, bigtits, forced sex fantasies and certain forms of male domination. does not like strap-ons, s/m, shemales nor solo women. writes in english.

he: 37, and a body to die for. he likes fisting and gangbangs, golden rain and bbw. he also likes some scenes about punishment and forced women and men and now he is watching with curiosity the gay porn. writes in spanish.

all the pictures here (except for the profile picture, which belongs to us), come from different sources in the internet and we do not own the rights to any of them. oh, and, if you're under 18, you should probably leave.

otherwise, welcome...

feel free to ask, suggest or propose anything to us here.
Dec 1 '10
¿demasiado elaborado?

¿demasiado elaborado?

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